Out the Door in 20mns 

20 minutes..... Shellac takes a  lil longer 35 minutes

Gotta get there? Our express manicure leaves you looking like you’ve been primping all day….$20 …. Shellac….$30

Spa Manicure 

30 minutes

Fully immmersed in mandarin extracts and moisturized in lemon grass we leave your  hands feeling like a day at the Spa…. $25…….  add Shellac …..$35

Signature Manicure

45 minutes

 Indulge yourself in an invigorating mandarin soak and soothing paraffin hand bath. Followed by a splash of color of your choice ….$45 ….add Shellac …..$55


Lunch Break Pedi 


In 30mns we promise to make your toes sandal ready! …..$30

Masqued Pedicure 

1hr 15minutes

Our recipe for the Masqued Pedicure is similar to the Spa manicure with the addition of a penetrating foot masque before you choose the right color to top it off….$40

Signature Pedicure 

1hr 30minutes

The invigorating mandarin soak is just the start of your journey to new feet! Exfoliated, moisturized, and masqued in paraffin you leave feeling like your walking on pillows…. $60

It "may' take up to the times quoted. Sometimes faster, sometimes more, become a regular and and it'll be faster than the time before!!!!
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